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Trevor kills some weighted box jumps. We have had a lot of people asking and talking about Nutrition. This is a good 12 step program to going paleo by Kurt G Harris MD. I grabbed it from www.paleonu.com

Here is a 12- step list of what to do. Go as far down the list as you can in whatever time frame you can manage. The further along the list you stop, the healthier you will be. There is no counting, measuring, or weighing. You are not required to purchase anything specific from me or anyone else. There are no special supplements, drugs or testing required.* 

1. Eliminate sugar (including fruit juices and sports drinks) and all foods that contain flour.

2. Start eating proper fats – Use healthy animal fats or coconut fat to substitute fat calories for carbohydrate calories that formerly came from sugar and flour. Drink whole cream or coconut milk.

3. Eliminate gluten grains

4. Eliminate grain and seed derived oils (cooking oils) Cook with Ghee, butter, animal fats, or coconut oil.

5. Favor ruminants like beef, lamb and bison for your red meat. Eat some fish.

6. Get daily midday sun or take 4-8000 iu vit D daily

7. Try intermittent fasting or infrequent meals (2 meals a day is best). Don’t graze like a herbivore.

8. Most modern fruit is just a candy bar from a tree. Stick with berries and avoid watermelon which is pure fructose. Eat in moderation.

9. Eliminate legumes

10. Adjust your 6s and 3s. Pastured (grass fed) dairy and grass fed beef or bison minimizes excess O-6 fatty acids and are better than supplementing with 0-3 supplements. A teaspoon or two of Cod Liver oil is good compensatory supplementation if you stick with supermarket beef.

11. Proper exercise – emphasizing resistance and interval training over long aerobic sessions


12. Eliminate all remaining dairy including cheese- (now you are “Orthodox paleolithic”)

Taken from www.Paleonu.com/get-started/

Thursday WOD

1 Full Snatch

2 C & J

3 Power Cleans


5 Push Jerks

AMRAP 15 • 12 • 10 minutes

Competitor 75%+ B/W

Cool Down

Row 1000 • 750 • 500 meter

(In 250 m sprints)

Competitor  Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational 


  1. I am by far no paleo expert, but if you convert the above 12 point list to a 12 step process, accomplishing 1 per week, you’d be strict Paleo in 12 weeks. That’s 3 months to make a life style change for the better. Such a time frame creates easy, obtainable goals, and the change is gradual enough to not cause a mental freakout over diet change. And heck, you’re already accomplishing step 11 every time you set foot in the gym.

  2. Yeah, this is great! Breaking it down into 1 step per week makes it much more manageable.

  3. graham spagnola says:

    I like the vitamin D supplementation for sunlight. I always knew getting sun was important and I wasn’t sure how to do that in the winter without tanning. I’m all over the vit. D now. Thanks guy who wrote that list.

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