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“If you don’t know where you’re going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”

The constant variation involved in CrossFit programming is one of the things that keeps so many of us coming back for more. Unlike most other forms of exercise, it is nearly impossible to become bored when you’re a member of our gym. On the other hand, that variation can provide a problem for some of us: there are so many skills involved, it can become overwhelming when you want to be “good” at everything.

For the majority of people, your first few months (or even year) of CrossFit is naturally full of gains and milestones. You find yourself getting stronger, learning new skills, and becoming fluent in the language of CrossFit. (Remember the first time you looked at the white board? Looked like a foreign language, right?) Even so, as a beginner it feels frustrating to modify what seems to be so easy for others within your class. If you find yourself in this category, take a deep breath and realize that EVERYONE has a weakness, even our most seasoned clients. Next, pick a “goat”: one thing that gives you fits that you want to master. Double unders, kipping pull-ups, box jumps, a particular lift…let your trainer know what it is, get some pointers, and then work on it every time you come to the gym. You will be shocked at the progress an extra 15 minutes before or after class can yield. If you have any doubt, just ask “Angry Dougger” about double unders.

Inevitably, everyone hits a plateau, although the time at which it happens varied. There comes a point where you don’t see the numbers moving up on your 1 RM days, your benchmark times aren’t improving, or you simply now know enough about good form to recognize your Olympic lifts need significant work. When this happens, it’s time to set some goals. Think about what you want to achieve. Do you have 20 pounds to lose but the scale refuses to budge? Is increased muscle mass important? Want a faster Fran time? Regardless, your first step should also be to talk with a trainer. Achieving your goals may be as simple as implementing some basic practices, or you may need to commit to further training beyond your current routine. If you know this is the case, we highly recommend speaking with Becky, who is currently providing one on one sessions with various clients, and the results are impressive. Email Becky at rebecca.balik@gmail.com for more information.

One final tip we recommend to everyone is to track your workouts. If you are an IPhone user, hopefully you’ve already downloaded the “Outside the Box” app. If not…what are you waiting for? (Note: the app should be available for Droid soon) At the very least, buy a notebook (any will do, or you can go to here for a CrossFit specific journal) and start recording WOD results and max lift weight. Not only will this give you a better picture of how you are progressing, it will help your trainer guide you in selecting weight for WODs and/or helping you achieve your goals.

Thursday WOD

Push Press @ 12X0; 3-4 repsx4; rest 2 minutes

**This tempo is designed to eliminate any momentum from the previous rep; so make sure you focus on that 2 second pause at the rack


10 OH Plate Lunges (L+R=2)

15 Dips

Amprap in….12 Min.



Hip & Glute Mobility


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