165 lbs OHS

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“Hey… look how far I can stretch!” 

It just doesn’t sound sexy does it.  Not like loading up a bar and back squatting a freakin’ ton of weight, or running a really fast 5K, or quickly repping-out several overhead squats in a row, or smashing your last Fran time, or… or… or…

Or, what if I told you that there is something that you can do (aside from nutrition) that will help you be better at ALL of that stuff.  You will be able to backsquat more weight, run faster, rep-out OHS’s easier and go faster on Fran.  Pretty much anything you do physically, Crossfit and otherwise, will be better as a result. 

“Hmmmmm…  Tell us what it is”, I hear you saying.“Mobility Training!” is my answer. 

“What the heck is Mobility Training”, I’m guessing you’re asking now.

The best answer I can give, is to recommend you go to Kelly Starret’s (Kstar) blog, MobilityWOD.  The information there is solid gold!  Take a glance through some of the comments on his blog for the effects Mobility Training is having on people’s performance in the gym.  I’ve put a couple below to whet your whistle. http://mobilitywod.blogspot.com/  This is why all of the trainers have been making you stretch and contort your bodies into positions you probably haven't been in since childhood.

“Dave Wolf Had a 20# PR on his OHS after doing this WOD.”Basically, by increasing your mobility, you’re increasing your efficiency in movements.  You’re reducing the amount you have to fight against your own body.  The amount of effort you use to fight lack of mobility, if your mobility is improved, can then be put toward the extra weight you can now put on the bar.  You’ve just gotten stronger without getting any ‘stronger’.

Without good flexiblity Christine would not have been to OHS 165 lbs!! Way to smash it and grab a new PR!!

Tuesday WOD

Run 800600400

Double Unders (or 3x) 20010075

Situps  100 • 75 • 50

Skater Lunges (1+1=2) 50 • 4030

Clapping Push ups 252015

Burpee Broad Jumps 10 • 1010

Work on Pistol Squats

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational


  1. Thank you for the great resource! Definitely going into my favorites for use.

  2. Christine, that’s AWESOME!!!

  3. I’m still impressed!

  4. Thanks Kelly and Mitch!

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