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It’s that time again! Get ready for lots of snatches! Shoot me an email with which day you’ll be competing (Friday at 6 or Sunday at 1). brogers018@gmail.com

PS – Do not be afraid of the increasing weight. This is an AMRAP, so even if you can only snatch 45# your score will be 30. Everyone can get a score for this workout!!!

Community Workout

Enrollment for our March community workout is officially closed. We look forward to introducing our 30 guests to a typical CCF workout. If someone you or someone you know is interested, please save the date for our next free trial, which will be Saturday, April 7 at 10:00 am.

Thursday WOD

Strict press @ 13X0; 3-5 reps x5; rest 2 min

***remember this tempo is 1 second to lower, 3 second pause at the bottom,


AMRAP 10 min

50 DU buy-in then

10 KBS

10 hand release push ups

***you can’t start the swings and push ups until you complete 50 DUs




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