2017 April: Rhonda Bone

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FB_IMG_1488030346157I am… so humbled to be have been selected! I love reading everyone’s journey and story within CrossFit! It changes lives!

I like… meeting new people! Everyone has a story!

I dislike… judgmental people or not being open minded.

I eat… way more than I did a few months ago! Working with Mitch to go from 900-1000 calories per day to 2400 calories per day with the right MACRO’S to enable me to best the best I can be! There needs to be a class as young women we take to fully understand you are what you eat and that starving yourself or quick fixes accomplish nothing!

I will… continue to come to class and get better every day!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, hobbies, occupation, etc…

I have been in banking for over 30 years and enjoy helping business owners find a way to make their dreams and passions a reality. After raising two kids, that now are both married, it was time to find Rhonda again. I read really fast and I wish that tool helped me in my everyday life but the only thing that it has done is to enable me to read books faster. I have completed 2 half marathons and several 5K but I still don’t consider myself a runner. I am now a grandma of 4 month old Ember Rose and as much as I love my kids, my love for her is just completely different. I am engaged to be married to the love of my life on May 28th and so thankful he supports my fitness love. After work and after I work out in the morning, I do personal training in the evenings with taking workouts to people’s homes. It has been such a journey to be able to share my love of working out with others and how it can change your life.


What brought you to Centerville CrossFit and CrossFit in general?

I had been working out at the Y, then a group class, and with a personal trainer. My trainer worked out at Centerville CrossFit and I came in to get a gift certificate for her and told Heather at the desk that I was so intrigued by CrossFit but I wasn’t in good enough shape to come myself. She said just come in and try a free class or two and see what you think! I was hooked from day 1. It was the challenge I was looking for and the support system I needed. Everyone has always spoken about the CrossFit community and you will never believe how great it is until your experience it!


What goals have you achieved? What are your new ones?

I consider everything I am working on as a goal since I have to modify.  I feel like I am a long way from when I first started and I cried when I held the bar against my throat for a front squat. I have achieved a deadlift of 185# with 200 # in my sights.  New goals of toes to bar and a pull up.


What is your favorite movement?

Deadlifts and thrusters. I love the feel of rowing and how it works the whole body.


What is your least favorite movement?

Burpees. It’s a love/hate relationship. The days of doing just a few to several is the new norm!


What is your favorite quote or words to live by?

My dad passed away with Alzheimer’s in 2010 at the age of 68. He always told us growing up that “ You can’t get finished until you get started”.   I think about that phrase often when I am struggling finishing something and the hardest part is usually just getting started.


Do you have any advice to new members or someone thinking about joining?

The end of March I will be 53 years old. If I can do it… then anyone can at least try it! It is intimating to come into a CrossFit gym and some days I still feel that way. But everything is scaled your fitness level and everyone is there to help you!


What do you love about Centerville CrossFit?

It takes me about 42-45 minutes to drive to class before work. If I didn’t completely love it I could easily have stopped! But the people I have met, the support from the staff especially Jen, Spencer and Mitch, the notes of encouragement easily make up for that! I needed to get out of my comfort zone and I am not sure I will ever get the lingo down but I am always ready to get started!

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