2018 February: Olivia McDaniel

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I am…. very passionate and maybe a little too competitive 😉
I like… dancing, horror movies and being in the woods or on the open ocean.
I dislike… the word “silly”, meatloaf, and when I completely botch a workout.
I eat… very clean and strict mostly, but I would eat cupcakes everyday if I could!
I will… absolutely never give up on my goals.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…
I own Performance Gymnastics Academy in Kettering, so that keeps me very very busy! My competitive team girls have my whole heart. Whenever I do have time off, I pack up my two little dachshunds and we head back down South to the Carolinas to see family and friends!

What brought you to Centerville Crossfit and Crossfit in general?
I was recommended to try Crossfit by a coach friend of mine because of my gymnastics background. I tried a few gyms in the area, but I fell in love with the atmosphere and people of CCF from the first class I took.

What goals have you achieved and what are your new ones?
I was insanely excited to get a ring muscle-up and to clean #135! My new goals are to just get a lot better at lifting, try a competition and work my way into the Advanced Group 🙂


What is your favorite movement?
Anything that is strictly body weight and/or involves gymnastic movements! haha!

What is your least favorite movement?
Snatches… good gracious they may be the death of me!

What is your favorite quote or words to live by:
“Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and work”

Do you have any advice to any new members or someone thinking about joining?
This is the greatest type of workout I’ve done since I was a college gymnast. I love that we are always learning and getting better every week. Not only is it great for physical fitness, but it is my stress reliever and one of my absolute favorite things to do. No matter your background, just get in and try it! I promise you will love it! Plus, at CCF we are a family and a support system.

What do you love about Centerville Crossfit?
The passion and knowledge of the coaches. Everyday they motivate me to push harder than I thought I could. I look forward to going to workout every single day. I am so grateful for CCF and all the people in it. Y’all are the best!!!


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