2018 September: Stacey Moenter

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I am… a twin and I am pregnant.
I like… the friends and family that I have made at CCF.
I dislike… getting up at 4:30 in the morning.
I eat… like no one is watching, especially when eating pizza.
I will… be a first time mom!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, hobbies, occupation, etc…
I am a physical therapist to humans and dogs. I love to watch football on Saturdays and Sundays.

What brought you to Centerville Crossfit and CrossFit in general?
Becky and Adam Rogers talked about their love for CrossFit so we decided to give it a try and fell in love.

What goals have you achieved? What are your new ones?
1) Able to do a pull-up
2) Able to do a modified hand stand push-up
New goals) To be able to complete a WOD, doing it RX

What is your favorite movement?
My favorite movement is cleans.

What is your least favorite movement?
My least favorite movement is push-ups.

What is your favorite quote or words to live by?
It doesn’t matter how you finish. It just matters that you finish.

Do you have any advice to new members or someone thinking about joining?
If you want a good challenging workout.

What do you love about Centerville CrossFit?
The support from everyone and the friends that I have made since starting CCF.

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