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Celebrating CrossFit Love

Whole 30 Challenge

As promised, we will be offering a Whole 30 Challenge beginning Monday, July 9. This gives you plenty of time to celebrate the July 4 festivities and have no excuses to jump right in. If you’re not sure what exactly a “Whole 30” entails, or whether or not it’s right for you, check out these resources. We also recommend you purchase It Starts with Food, a book published by the authors of The Whole 30, if you plan to participate.

Our philosophy, program and community

The Whole9 FAQ

Before committing to the challenge, be honest with yourself: why are you doing it? Very often we say we are trying to “get healthy” when what we really mean is we want to lose a lot of weight. While the vast majority of those with weight to lose will do so during a Whole 30 challenge, it’s about more than that. You will be forced to re-examine some of your unhealthy habits and relationships with food, and figure out what type of diet makes you FEEL your best and improves your overall health. This article makes some valid points in terms of how we should be getting a true picture of  our health (hint: a smaller jeans size doesn’t always equal healthy).

How Perfect is the Perfect Body?


*July 4 at 9:00 am workout-no other classes this day!

*July 6 at 6:30 pm-Friday Night Lights-normal class schedule through 4:30. No 5:30 class. All the ladies of CCF are invited to head over to Elsa’s for a post-WOD Bad Juan.

*July 7 at 10:00 am-Free July Community Workout. The community workout is now full. If you missed out, please plan to attend our next trial on August 4 at  10:00 am

*Also, we no longer a 10:00 am class (MWF)  for the Summer.


3 Rounds

In Teams of 3:

600 m run

10 bear complexes

Max rep KB swings

*Can’t switch stations until each partner has completed their reps

*Each person will complete 3 reps total

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