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Reebok Nano 2 shoes are in! MORE PRODUCT INFO HERE

These are the best shoes on the market for training CrossFit. And the best shoes I’ve ever had. — Mike

You will have one week try them on for size and order custom color and design. $95.00 (Retail $109.99)

Or you can purchase a pair of the sizing samples we have for an even greater discount. $85.00

All sales proceeds will go toward our end of year equipment purchases.



Tuesday WOD


3RM Below Parallel Box Squat

* Group up, have a pair of spotters

Sit on the box, release the hips keeping the abs tight!!


4 Rounds:

6x1DB Snatch + 1DB Thruster on Right Side

6 Burpes

6x1DB Snatch + 1DB Thruster on Left Side

6 Burpees

12 Box Jumps

* Each Round Starts with 2 Full Snatches!


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