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Beginner Class

Centerville Crossfit would like to announce that we will be starting a new program T/Th at 5:30 our new beginner  classes will be starting! This class will be perfect for anyone just looking to get started with crossfit or just improve in their CF skills.

Thursday WOD

Low Bar Box Squat See Video

12×2 @ 65%

* Box should be right below Parallel sit on box releasing the hips, but keeping the abs tight!


3 Rounds:

45 Sec. Max Rep OHS

Rest 15 sec.

45 Sec. Max Rep Hollow Rocks

Rest 15 sec.

45 Sec. Max Rep Burpees

Rest 15 sec.

45 Sec. Max Rep KB Swings

Rest 15 sec.

Score=Total Reps



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