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Congratulations to December’s community workout participants.  They were  a great group and tackled a tough first workout.

PR board!

Have you hit a PR recently? Add it to the new monthly PR board at the gym! Maybe you made a new record in the snatch yesterday, or hit someconsecutive double unders for the first time, or had your biggest back squat ever. Throw it up on the board so that all your fellow Centerville Crossfitters can see it and share the glory, as well as maybe gain some extra motivation as well. Any gym-related record is fair game, there will be some basic categories added as a starting point but feel free to add your own as well. Take the chance to bask in your accomplishments and progress, then get back to work on setting even more records! And when you see a training partner or friend’s name up on the board, make sure to give them an extra pat on the backside.

Centerville CrossFit Testimonial Form!

Has CrossFit changed your life? Have you had amazing results that you want to share with the world? Fill out our form so we can spotlight you and everything you have accomplished with your hard work.

Tuesday WOD

15 Min to work up to a heavy single Clean and Jerk


2 Min Amrap

Max row for Cals

rest 2 min

2 Min Amrap

10 push ups

10 Burpees

rest 2 min

2 Min Amrap

10 box jumps

10 sit ups

rest 2 min

2 min Amrap

10 pull ups

10 wall balls

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