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Over the weekend Centerville CrossFit hosted our first CrossFit competition.  We had over 80 competitors that completed 3 workouts!  I am so proud of every single one of you!  Below is a message from Seth Gooch who competed in the Rx’d division on Saturday.

“Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank all of you for a great event yesterday. This was my first and I guess “official” competition and I had an absolute blast! I’m really glad I signed up for the RX’d division to see how I would stack up. I have no regrets and I’m happy with my performance. The highlight of my day was during Grace…I was the last one still going because all of you big dawgs already finished. The way you guys crowded around, pushing me and cheering with the rest of the crowd for me to keep going was an amazing experience that I won’t forget. I wish I could point out each of you that was in my face telling me to pick up that bar. The energy was so high that I can’t even remember everyone haha. I think Michael Conner was up in there, maybe Wesley and Willy…hell maybe everyone from that heat was. I think Mitch was even yelling and Matt Chrisovergis and Jay Lasky. I especially heard Scott and Megan from all the way in the crowd too. That was my very first time doing Grace at 135lbs. and even though I was 4 reps short, I still walked away with a smile because of you guys. So thank you! I’m glad to be apart of such an amazing community and the best people and best box around! Great job to everyone who competed yesterday. Be proud of yourselves! Can’t wait til next year!”

Garage Games World Wide Wod Results

Rx’d Women

1 Kat Le

2. Megan Thompson

3. Meg Conover

Rx’d Men

1.  Adam Rogers

2. Vincent Terek

3.  Tony Ciambrone

Scaled Women

1. Melissa McCurdy

2. Tiffany Brakefield

3. Rebecca Sefscik

Scaled Men

1.  AJ Wallerstein

2.  Kelly Spurlock

3.  Richard Drake

Beginner Women

1.  Raquel Ramos

2.  Becky Gibbs

3.  Rachael Davis

Beginner Men

1.  Brian Grimone

Monday WOD

A: Hang Clean + 2 FS



B: 5 Rounds:

1 Min. Bear Crawl or Mountian Climbers if space is limited

1 Min. Weighted Lunges

1 Min. Row for Cals (Stagger Start for larger group)

Rest 2 Mins

Record Total Lunges / Total Calories

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