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“This picture captures the most amazing memory I have ever had at CCF. I was the most worried for Grace from the start because lifting is my biggest weakness and of course I would wait until my first competition to smack the bar into my face on the first rep. As I looked up and saw these faces and could feel the high energy, it was no longer about the fact I could not feel my face, but about challenging my own mental ability to finish. I cannot begin to express how much it meant to me to have all of you there pushing me through what felt like the longest 30 reps in my life! I don’t want to write a novel, but that feeling of having you all there cheering me on was what got me through. I went into Grace with a huge weakness and you were all my strength that got me through it 🙂 I am so blessed to have this memory and it reminds me of just one of the many reasons why I love cross fit and the members so much! I was so proud of everyone’s high energy level, how much we all want each other to succeed, and you all should be proud of your accomplishments! We truly have an amazing gym community and I wanted to thank everyone!” – Shannon Lynch

Tuesday WOD

A: 3 Position Snatch (floor, Knee, High Hang)


B: 6 Rounds

8 DB Snatches

6 K2E

8 No Pushup Burpees

6 Pull ups

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