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2013 CrossFit Games Open Details

We’re 2 days away from the release of the first workout for this year’s Open, and it will be your chance to tackle it with the rest of your Centerville CrossFit teammates. We meet every Friday night for those five weeks to come together as a group and cheer each other on throughout whatever task CrossFit HQ throws at us. The Open workouts are designed so everyone can do them – whether you have aspirations to qualify for the next level of competition or want to use this year’s workouts as a starting point in your CrossFit journey, you’ll be able to record a score every week. These workouts aren’t just about competing; they’re about coming together as a community, building each other up, and learning about yourself as an athlete. We want EVERYONE to participate! Go to games.crossfit.com to create your profile and register to be part of the Centerville CrossFit team.

***A few important schedule changes will occur during the weeks of the Open. Every Friday from March 8th through April 5th, ALL CLASSES will be cancelled. We will go over standards at Friday 5:30 and the first heat will begin at 5:45. If you are a member of CCF and signed up for our team, Becky will place you in a heat. If you can’t make it and need to attend Sunday at 1:00, or if you’re from another box and would like to join us, please email her at brogers018@gmail.com ASAP!

This start time might be changing please keep an eye out on the blog and Facebook for up to date information.  We have 80 athletes as of now and hope that more join! With such large numbers we may be starting earlier to handle the crowd.

Tuesday WOD

Power snatch – work up to a heavy 1 (in 12 minutes)

Rest 3 min


AMRAP 5 min

Power snatches @ 85% of that


Tabata T2B


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