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Wednesday WOD

Winter Apparel Pre-Order

The latest winter gear items are in the gym! Please stop by as soon as possible to pick up your orders. For this order and all future orders we will be charging 7% sales tax onto the amount owed.


2013 Open Workout 13.1 Announced Tomorrow!

The first workout for this year’s Open will be announced live on the Games’ page at 8pm on Wednesday! Let’s hope it’s not another 7 minutes of burpees (fingers crossed).

That means our first Friday Night Lights for the Open will be THIS FRIDAY starting at 5PM. We have a huge group this year, and we’re really looking forward to bringing everyone together for these next five weeks. Everyone on the Centerville CrossFit team will be placed into heats, so please email Becky at brogers018@gmail.com if you WILL NOT be there on Friday. The make up day and time for this week’s workout is Sunday at 1pm.


Wednesday Wod

5 rounds

Bear Complex (= 7 cycles of PC + FS + PP + BS + PP)

*bar cannot rest on ground during each set

*add weight each set

*rest as needed but minimize duration

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