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Jay Woodhull (pictured)  – “from day 1 he bought into my plan for him, reducing volume, taking the weights down, focusing on form/efficiency, and the results speak for themselves. a 70th place finish in the WORLD on 13.5 in his age group, and a 14th place finish in his age group in the region. this open season enabled him to show off some new found skills/capacities, like kipping toes to bar, improved wallball and pullup endurance, and more efficient lifts. we’ve also made huge gains in his mental game, using breathing ladders to ‘find some peace’ when things start to hurt.” – Adam Rogers

New Class Times

Don’t forget we just started new classes this week!

Monday and Wednesday 5:00AM

Monday and Wednesday 6:30 PM level 1 class

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Noon Level 1 class


Olympic Lifting Seminar

Centerville CrossFit we will be hosting an Olympic Lifting Clinic taught by Holley Mangold! Holley is one of the nations best lifters and we are honored to have her share her wisdom.


Date: Saturday April 13th

Time : 11:00am to 3:00pm

Cost: $200

*** We will be limiting this to 30 participants.

To register please email: admin@centervillecrossfit.com

Wednesday WOD

Front squat @22X1; 3-5 reps x4; rest 2 min


Tabata sit ups

Rest 1 min

Max DUs in 2 min

Rest 1 min

Tabata push ups


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