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Are you interested in more Olympic Lifting? We are hoping to start an Olympic lifting class taught by Holley Mangold. This class will start on Thursdays. This class will be $20 per class. We are looking for interested members! If you would like to participate please email mitch at mlyons@centervillecrossfit.com We will make sure to let everyone know all the details when we have everything worked out.

Our next two testers are power clean and a 2K row. They are two very different tests – explosive strength vs endurance – but they are the next two pieces of the puzzle we’re creating to determine our overall fitness level. Important things to remember for the power clean are you DO NOT receive the bar in a full squat – we want to see some powerful hip speed today. The 2K row will give us a good idea of your endurance level. Since we are limited in the number of rowers, we thank you for being patient and taking turns!

Important scores to record: power clean 1RM, 2K row time, AND your avg pace /500m* during your 2K row.

*your trainer will show you where this is located on the monitors

Good luck everyone!

Tuesday WOD

Power clean – 1RM
2K row – record total time AND average pace /500m

*Everyone will have to take turns on the rowers. If you are not rowing, complete 30 TGU while you wait.


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