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Carrie, Jess, and Erik completed a “Tough Mudder” this weekend! Congratulations!

Programing Cycle

Based on the results of our two week testing, we’ve decided to prioritize increasing our front squat capabilities – from a mobility standpoint as well as absolute strength – and upper body pushing, with a lesser emphasis on upper body pulling. We’ll spend the next 10 weeks working toward improvement in those numbers by doing A LOT of squatting, lunging, jumping, and pushing. As you’ve all heard the trainers say, a good squat is crucial to so many movements we do in the gym, and a good front squat will translate directly to your cleans and even snatches to some degree. Your upper body strength is also a big deal, and we want to work towards more of you being able to do strict pull ups. If you can press a high percentage of your body weight, strict pull ups aren’t far away.


Today we are starting off with high bar back squats. The importance of the high bar vs the low bar has to do with what your body looks like in the bottom position and how that translates to the same kind of upright torso we need when cleaning heavy weight. The picture below demonstrates the difference between a high bar (left) and low bar (right) back squat. The form on the left is what we need everyone’s squats to look like tomorrow. If you cannot execute it properly, your trainer will probably suggest you drop the %s a bit in order to achieve proper torso angle and/or depth!

Monday WOD

A:High Bar Back Squats







Rest ~2mins Btw. Sets


B: 21-15-9


pull ups



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