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Some of the ladies from CCF enjoyed a girls night out at “Raise your Brush” in Centerville.

Olympic Weightlifting Class/Seminar

We will offer two groups.

The first group will be anyone of the 6 people who came to her seminar a couple of weeks ago. This will not be a seminar but will be a class. The cost will be $20 per class. And will start at 5:30


The second group will be everyone who missed holleys seminar. We feel that it is only fair and right to have you complete holleys seminar before you attend her class. This will be $75 each Thursday. You will be required to attend 2 (snatch seminar and clean/jerk seminar) ( two hours) before you are eligible for the regular class. This class will begin at 6:30.


In the future we hope to grow this class into morning and evening sessions and possibly Wednesday sessions. If you are interested in attending either the class or seminar please email me at mlyons@centervillecrossfit.com.

Wednesday WOD

Strict Press

4×5 Btw. 60-70%



AMRAP 5 min

(C2B) pull up ladders 1-2-3-4-5

***1 rep, drop off bar, 2 reps, drop off bar, etc. Once you complete 5 reps, start back at 1

***completing one ladder = 1 round


DB split squats @30X0; 8-10/leg x4; rest 1 min between


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