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The Central East Regional will take place the weekend of June 7th-9th at the Columbus Expo Center.Click on the following link to buy your tickets:

We’ve designed a special edition CCF tshirt for everyone who wants to support our athletes and will be taking orders starting tomorrow. The shirts will cost $25, and we ask that you pay BEFORE receiving your order. If this is a problem, shoot Becky an email at brogers018@gmail.com, and we’ll work something out!

Thursday WOD

EMOM for 7 minutes

1 hang muscle snatch + 1 hang squat snatch + 3 OHS


AMRAP 8 minutes

10 thrusters

50 DUs (or 30 sec attempting DUs)

— Rest 4 min —

AMRAP 8 min

10 air squats

15 burpees


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