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“Humans have the amazing ability to resolve their own pain and heal themselves…infinitely. Although this might be difficult to believe, especially if you are suffering from chronic pain, with the proper lifestyle choices, you have the brilliant capacity to correct motor control errors and alleviate pain at any age, forever.

However, a proper lifestyle doesn’t simply mean managing your nutrition, sleep, stress, hydration, and exercise. To become an impeccable healing machine, you also need to understand how to move safely and effectively in all situations.

The equation looks something like this:

Right Lifestyle + Correct Movement = Impeccable Healing Machine”- Kelly Starrett

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Wednesday WOD:

5 sets, rest 1-2 min between:

Hang squat clean + squat clean

***do not let go of the bar, add each set


AMRAP 2 min

Power clean + push jerk

Rest 1 min x3



EMOM for no more than 10 min

8 unbroken push ups

***stop if you need to break reps

***scale up or down as needed


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