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“I hear about mobility all the time from my athletes and their coaches. However, stability is not as popular as mobility in the CrossFit community yet.

When we come into this world, we are already equipped with mobility. Babies are able to move their limbs and activate certain prime moving muscle groups as soon as they enter this world. What they have to earn is stability.

When you see babies trying to walk, they are not stable during their first attempts. What happens when their mobility is not backed up by their stability during their cute first steps? They fall. We are born with the ability to correctly — and quickly — develop and utilize mobility, but not stability. After many weeks of attempts, when stability can finally support the walking mobility in full, a baby can walk without going back to the previous stage. This is how our mobility and stability work and develop together.” by JONG LEE, DC, ART

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Thursday WOD

Halting Snatch DL + Snatch from Hip


* Focus on Getting Knees Back off of Floor and Keeping Tension in the Hamstrings!


* Notice his back angle does not change at all!


AMRAP 4 Mins:

10 Front Squats

10 HR Push-ups


Rest 2 mins

AMRAP 4 mins:

10 Front Rack Lunges

10 T2B

* Same BB for FS and Lunges!


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