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“With the 2014 CrossFit Open starting in just two short weeks, everyone is preparing for competition in their own unique ways. Some people view the off-season as the hard part; the time where you put in all of the sweat, tears and blood, and the Open (and hopefully Regionals, and beyond) are the fun part, where you let loose and utilize all of the “gains” from the hard work you put in during the months leading up. Some people are cramming in any last minute skill sessions to try to perfect any “goats” that may show up in any of the five Open workouts.

I’m caught somewhere in the middle. Some days, I feel more ready than I’ve ever been. Other days, I’m frantically searching for a way to just freeze time, so that I have longer to prepare. Although freaking out is not a recommended way of preparation, there is no “one way” or “right way” to get ready for competition.

Recently, after a particularly brutal workout that beat me down both mentally and physically, I was chatting with Nichole DeHart about all of the “suckage” that just occurred. Nichole has many roles in my daily life; she’s a coach, a friend, a coworker and an all-around beautiful, positive light that shines around Invictus. She also took 3rd place individual at the very first CrossFit Games back in 2007 and is still currently competing at the Games level for Team Invictus; needless to say, she has a lot of experience when it comes to competition.

So as I’m standing there, frowning down at my workout scores, Nichole made one request of me: to sit down, take a few deep breaths, write down my goals for the Open, and then email them to her.

Simple enough, right?

However, the caveat was that these “Open goals” cannot have anything to do with placement or scores. How thought provoking! This task actually briefly stopped me in my tracks.

Whether you are a veteran Games athlete or just someone starting out, I recommend that everyone take on this little challenge before the Open and see what they come up with. I found this task, at first, to be as hard as some of the workouts that I recently have taken on; too often, we focus on placement and scores and put on the back burner the reason we are actually competing in the first place.”

Monday 2/24

Every 90 sec for 4 rounds:

A. Squat clean and jerk 1 rep


5 rounds for time:

6 strict chin ups

20 air squats

45 sec FLR


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