5 Easy Ways to Better Value Your Time

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“Everyone on the planet has one incredible thing in common.  Every week, we are each given 168 hours to do what we please, to create and share our worlds, to make choices that decide our future, and to fill our hearts up with what makes them beat with excitement.  What wakes us up in life and how we spend our time are one in the same.

The time I have today, teaching yoga and building a new business, is completely different than when I worked a 9-to-5 gig.  My goals with practicing yoga and writing balance each day, as well as my love for CrossFit and Pilates.  I like having a full plate at the beginning of each day and slowly clearing it as the day goes along.  Except for on weekends, where I don’t do any “work” at all (only occasionally subbing for yoga classes).

My goal is to end each day with the satisfaction that it was well spent.  I want to be able to sit back, enjoy a glass of red wine, and know that I contributed to something bigger than myself.  Knowing this, over the past couple of years I have developed ways to utilize my time to its fullest.  These five tips speak to me, and hopefully to you as well.”

Read the FIVE TIPS here by Alex Moody

The only tester we’ll be doing today is strict press. Remember to keep your core tight (no over extending your back) and press the bar up in a straight line (move your head out of the way, don’t move the bar around your head).


Wednesday WOD

Strict press – 1RM


4 rounds

DB seated overhead press; 8-10 reps

Rest 30 seconds

AMRAP dips

Rest 1:30



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