5 Reasons You Have Tight Hamstrings

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There might not be a more obnoxious and stubborn athletic injury than the hamstrings strain.  When it is really bad, it can bother you when you’re simply walking or sitting on it.  Then, when a hamstrings strain finally feels like it’s getting better, you build up to near your top speed with sprinting – and it starts barking at you again.  In other words, a pulled hamstrings is like a crazy, unpredictable mother-in-law; just when you think you’ve finally won her over, she brings you back down to Earth and reminds you how much more she liked your wife’s old boyfriend.

However, not all hamstrings pain cases are true strains; more commonly, they present as a feeling of “tight hamstrings.”  If one is going to effective prevent this discomfort, rehabilitate it, or train around it, it’s important to realize what is causing the hamstrings tightness in the first place.  Here are five reasons: by Eric Cressey

Tuesday WOD


1×10 – 70%

1x 8 – 75%

1x 6 – 80%

1x 4 reps-85%

1×2 – 90%


Rest 2 minutes between sets.


5 rounds

10 deadlifts

8 dips

4 wall walks

Rest 1 min


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