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Those of you who were fortunate to make it into the gym yesterday got a little taste of what the wods were like for the Street Fighter challenge this past weekend. 10 minutes on, 50 minutes off, for 24 HOURS!!! I'm pretty sure this is going to be an annual funderaiser so be sure to sign up next year and test yourself for 6, 12, or the whole 24 hours!

P.S. Any takers on what Graham is doing in the photo???

Friday WOD

Hang Power Snatch (use 50%of your 1 Rep Max. from Tues.) 

1-Arm KB Push Press (1/2 reps each arm)

Wall Ball Situps

10 – 9 – (10 Warrior Burpees) – 8 – 7 – (400m Farmer's Walk) – 6 – 5 - (10 WB) – 4 – 3 – (400m FW) – 2 – 1 (10 WB)

So… If you do blue you go 8 Hang Power Snatch, 8 1-Arm KB Push Press, 8 Wall Ball Situps.  Then 7,7,7 THEN 400m Farmer's walk…6,6,6.  5,5,5  10 Warrior Burpees etc.

Work on your Goat

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Michael F. says:

    I believe he was doing his “I’m a pretty, pretty girl” dance.
    Not judging, just saying.

  2. I agree with you Mike, but I think it looks more like hes frolicking than dancing….
    …..I’m not here to judge either………………

  3. LOL….you guys are too funny. But, great picture of Matt on the Troy site!

  4. “Seriously, this is how everybody was doing it at Fashion Week!!!”

  5. quote from Scarface movie comes to mind…Pelican fly come on pelican…

  6. From Declan, 5 yrs.: “Duh, Mommy, he’s trying to fly.”

  7. he’s standing on the mini-keg as it rolls on it’s side?

  8. Guys..come freakin on! Isnt it obvious…its the pretty girl dance duh.

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