Abbey Meets Karen

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New trainee Abbey does her first “Karen” Benchmark WOD. As it’s one of her first WODS, she did the green level of 75 wall ball shots. Great job Abbey as already, your looking to go for 100. Lets shoot for doing the full 150 shots by the time you head off to college.

Thursday WOD

Beginning Run 800 (w/medball, m20lb, w14lb) 800400200


Reverse Burpee (no hands on forward roll) (Substitute regular Burpee if needed)

Lay flat on back, lift legs as high as possible to create momentum to then role forward (no hand for mutant), stand, to kick handstand (single leg kick) against wall, reverse movement series, repeat.

Pull-ups (Chest to bar)

21-15-9 15-11-7 9-11-7


Ending Run 800 (w/medball, m20lb, w14lb) 800400200

Cool Down

L-Holds (if doing single leg it’s total time for each leg, break up as needed)

2 min.1.5 min 1 min

Mutant Advanced Intermediate Foundational

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