CrossFit Classes


The Elements program is designed in four sessions to introduce beginners to CrossFit. The purpose of this small class is to transition you to the All Levels. It provides you with extra attention where the programming is designed to give you exposure to all of the movements we do in CrossFit. Once you complete your four classes you can move into the All Levels.

All Levels

The majority of our clients take part in our All Levels class and follow our original CrossFit programming. Our programming is based on the concepts of constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity, and incorporates skills from many athletic disciplines – running, gymnastics, powerlifting, and weightlifting. You will learn how to move your body in the most effective way along with proper lifting form and technique. Get Started HERE


If you’re looking to challenge yourself with 5 day a week programming, or if you have a desire to make CrossFit your primary sport and become a better athlete, or if you are serious about competing in the CrossFit Games, the Advanced class provides you with the added tools and skills you need to be successful. This class has a heavy Olympic lifting component, plus added strength work and specially designed conditioning to help you build your strength base and your aerobic base.

Skills Sessions

Anyone looking for extra one-on-one attention will benefit from our skill sessions. This 30 minute session allows you to give more focus to any weaknesses you may have (be it one small area or many big components) by working with a trainer to specifically address these issues. Talk to any of our trainers for more info!