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Mick we miss you around the gym! Hope all is well and next time you come back to WPAFB make sure you come back. 

Sign up at the gym tomorrow for the Oct 3rd Special WOD. Make sure you have a nickname. Every good fighter has one.

O'Dell Fundraiser

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Fryday WOD

TGU 20  15  10 
Run 800m  600m  400m 
Punch Walks 60  45  30 (L arm + R arm= 2 reps)

Run 800m  600m  400m 
Squats 100  75  50

Run 800m  600m  400m 

Cool Down 

Med. Ball Sit ups (not wall ball sit ups) 60 • 40 • 30 

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities


  1. James Humphrey, Jr. says:

    Take care, Mick!

  2. Attack of Mick!

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