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Deb got her first real pull up! 


Progressive Wave and one round of the warm up or

10 Box Jumps
5 Wall Walks 
Side Shuffle
Backwards Run 


Down and Back x2

Friday Competition WOD #2 The Run

3 miles plus 800m Object Carry

2 miles Laps plus 400m Object Carry

1 Mile Lap plus 200m Object Carry

Dress for the weather.
Supermen 70  55 • 40 
Work on a Skill

Pick 10 stretches off the stretch chart then roll out your lower back, caves and thighs.

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities 


  1. If you don’t see Jesus on the object carry, you aren’t working as hard as the Regional Competitors.

  2. Oh and GO DEB!!!

  3. Phil Gallagher says:

    That is funny Matt!

  4. I think Matt made this workout!

  5. Good job Deb!

  6. Michael F. says:

    Fantastic Effort DEB!
    Matt has to carry something while ankle dragging (135#) the sled – then maybe someone might beat him.

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