Are You Ready for Big Changes?

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Today we want to highlight the accomplishments of Eat Clean, Get Lean Challenge participant Heather Stacy. Heather had already started a Whole 30 challenge prior to our 50 day challenge and is already signed up for the upcoming I am CrossFit Challenge in January…wow! We have no doubt that Heather will continue to set goals and shatter her own expectations.Below she outlines what Paleo and CrossFit has done for her. We hope her story inspires you to sign-up for the IACF Challenge and/or to set your sights high on everything 2012 can mean for your health!


What has eating Paleo combined with Crossfit done for me?  Made a world of changes.

+ Sleep better
+ Clearer/healthy skin
+ No stomach issues (I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in ’08).  No meds since eating Paleo.
+ Went from a size 12/14 to a size 8
+ Stronger then I ever imagined I could be

The effects of eating Paleo were more prevalent in the past weekend than at any other time.  For some reason I decided to take Christmas Eve and day “off”.  Please note, I did not gorge myself.  But I mentally said it would be okay to eat some cookies, cakes, fudge, etc…  Yes, I am a sugar person.  By Monday afternoon I was in incredible pain.  It honestly felt like someone was stabbing me in the gut.  Had I not already had my appendix removed, I would have sworn that was going on.  Although it hurt, at the same time I am thankful for the pain.  It definitely reminded me to get back on the paleo way of eating immediately.

Oh, and as for Crossfit… really?  Who can’t love it!?  I received my first kettlebell for Christmas and already made use of it.  I’d also like to mention the camaraderie that goes on between crossfitters.  It is great to have others cheer you on, tell you not to quit, and give you a high-five at the end of a workout.  Trust me, you won’t hear the noises we make at a normal gym.  You also won’t be able to swing a kettlebell over your head at a normal gym.

Great job, Heather! We can’t wait to see the story you are sharing with us a year from now!

Register for our next challenge! Jan 9th kicks off our “I am CrossFit” Challenge.  Registering is easy; simply go to HERE! If you have any questions, email Mitch at mlyons@centervillecrossfit.com

Friday WOD

Back Squat

1×5- 50%

1×5- 60%

5×5 – 70%


1 Min Plank

1 Min Side Plank (left and right)



1 Deadlift (115/75)

1 Hangpower Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

*5 Burpee Penalty for every dropped bar.

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