2018 April: Teresa Braden

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I am…. grateful for all I have I like… people. And sleep. And coffee. I dislike… celery, racism, and getting dressed up. I eat… lean meats, more and more veggies. And coffee. I will… keep getting better at everything I try. Tell us a little bit about yourself, hobbies, occupation, etc… I’ve worked for 27 years as an […]


2018 March: Jaymie Pollak

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I am…. perpetually sore. I love it! I like… funny t-shirts, British humor, traveling, books, music, airplanes, workouts that have ‘rests’ in them I dislike… running, mayo, and the word ‘moist’ I eat… much better than I used to! I will… see you at the gym tomorrow? Tell us a little bit about yourself, hobbies, […]


2018 February: Olivia McDaniel

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I am…. very passionate and maybe a little too competitive 😉 I like… dancing, horror movies and being in the woods or on the open ocean. I dislike… the word “silly”, meatloaf, and when I completely botch a workout. I eat… very clean and strict mostly, but I would eat cupcakes everyday if I could! […]


2018 January: Olivia Andries

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I am…probably overthinking this because I am so surprised to be chosen for this. I like…learning new things, watching Netflix and reading a good book. I dislike… well…I am not going to tell you because in my experience it usually results in my dislikes being used against me. I eat…what I want as long as […]


2017 December: Jaimee Moore

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I am…. always late to the gym I like… coffee, SQUATS, mimosas I dislike… the triple jump I eat… all the donut cake I will… work hard Tell us a little bit about yourself, hobbies, occupation, etc…What brought you to Centerville Crossfit and CrossFit in general? I used to work right by the gym and […]


2017 November: AJ Wallerstein

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I am….a meat head, who is good at picking things up and putting them back down. I like…working out, eating, and sleeping. Everything else is just waiting to do those things. I dislike…driving in the snow and having to do yardwork, luckily I only have to deal with one at time…and shirts! I eat…pretty much […]


2017 October – Miranda Conner

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Complete the sentence: I am… ME, confident, strong, a wife, and a mother I like… coffee, challenges, dark chocolate, all things pumpkin I dislike… loud noises, crowded places, clutter and disorganization, being idle, and talking about myself I eat… pretty healthy. I will… eventually have that corner office!   Tell us a little bit about […]


2017 September: Tracy Robbins

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I am… so glad I started doing CrossFit! I like… wine and chocolate and traveling to places that have wine & chocolate (I see Italian wine and chocolate gelato in the near future). I like it when the coaches play music I’ve heard of. I dislike… shopping. Losing weight this year has forced me to […]


2017 August: Kera Braun

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I am… the biggest dork you’ll ever meet. I like… building computers, tinkering with mechanical stuff. I dislike… the idea of jumping out of perfectly good planes. I won’t do it, I tell you! I eat… better than I had before starting here! I will… make you laugh at some point.   Tell us a […]


2017 July: Linda Riddle

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I am… totally surprised to be selected for this… I don’t really consider myself an “athlete”!! I like… spending time with family, laying out in the sun (I know), playing with our dogs and watching the Bengals and UD play (and hopefully WIN!!) I dislike… people who drive too fast, a dirty house and flying […]