Bootcamp Free Community Workout

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We will have a Boot Camp Community WOD next Saturday, August 27 at 11:00 am. Please email me at meghanphilpot77@yahoo.com Current CCF members…please bring a friend!

Monday WOD

Run 1 mile • 1200m •  800m

30 Ground to Overhead M 135 W 95

30 Snatches M 135 W 95

Run 1 mile 1200m 800m


Shoulder Mobility


Scale to capabilities



Full Capacity

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Our 6:30 Tuesday/Thursday class has grown! It use to be our smallest class of the week. Now its close to being SOLD OUT! Better get in it while you can. This group doesn’t mess around.

Wednesday WOD

“Lucky Sevens”

7 Burpees

7 KB Snatches (L+R=1)

7 DB Push Press

7 • 6 • 5  rounds

Rest 2 min. then 100 DU or 100 Tuck Jumps for time.


Shoulder Mobility


Scale to capabilities


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We had to much fun at our photo shoot for the new blog. Thats coming soon. I promise!

Community Workout: Saturday 11:00am

Community workouts are open to everyone and a great way to find out what CrossFit is all about!  If you are a current client, be sure to bring a friend with you to the workout.

How to sign up: Email Mitch at mlyons@centervillecrossfit.com  If you are a current client include your friend’s name & email address


Friday WOD

1 RM Squat Snatch in 4 attempts or less

(10 min. limit then)

15 Squat Snatches M 125 W 85

30 Lateral Jumps 4′

10 Squat Snatches

20 Lateral Jumnps

5 Squat Snatches

10 Lateral Jumps

*If you are unable to do Squat Snatches do 1 Power Snatch + 1 OHS




New BLOG test 3

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Want to increase your strength and demolish weaknesses?

We at Centerville CrossFit have great news! National Level Powerlifter and former member of Westside Barbell, Marcus Mucheck, has agreed to provide strength programming right in our own gym. There are 4, 8, and 12 week options available, with a fun little surprise at the end of the 12 weeks.  The time commitment required for this program is three days a week, two during the week (before your WOD) and one on the weekend. This weekend session is intended to give Marcus a chance to work one on one with you, and will be an hour and a half in length. The first meeting will be July 30th or 31st, depending on your personal preference; it will be an information and weakness assessment meeting. There must be at least 15 people signed up for the  program, so if this sounds like something you would be interested make sure to sign up and choose the date that works best for you! There will be an additional fee for this program, if you want further information contact Casey Strope at caseystrope@gmail.com