Boot Camp Promo

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For the month of December, we are giving the gift of fitness to teachers and school employees! Employees of any local school district are welcome to join us for 4 free classes; attend once a week and pay nothing, attend twice a week and pay $40 for the month, or attend three times a week and pay $80 for the month. Beginning in January, we are offering a school employee discount of 20% off our regular Boot Camp classes, and as with regular CrossFit, our Boot Camp clients receive body assessments and nutritional advice and keep track of benchmark workout performances.

If you know a teacher who would enjoy participating in our Boot Camp classes, please have them email Meghan at meghanphilpot77@yahoo.com to take advantage of this offer!

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: The only classes on Thursday and Friday will be 10am.  There will be no class on Saturday.

Monday “Filthy Fifty”

Box jumps

Jumping pull ups

KB swings (35#/26#)

Walking lunges


Push press (45#/30#)

Supermans (or good mornings for a change)

Wall ball


Double unders (this one you can use 3x singles)


50 • 35 20 reps of each

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