Boot Camp Success Stories

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Tina started with us at our very first boot camp in Waynesville, and has continued with it at the gym in Centerville. For anyone who questions starting CrossFit or CrossFit Boot Camps because of fears or uncertainties, read on and be inspired. 

Tina confesses that her first boot camp class was “an emotional nightmare”, as she felt intimidated and out of shape. With her mother by her side in class, she lost 8 pounds in just her first two weeks, and since then she’s lost a total of 4 sizes! She says, “After a few weeks when I started seeing results my confidence grew. I realized this was the only way to “fix” me. I was working out not only physically but mentally as well! The next thing I knew I was working out in the morning class! Something I thought I would never do….get up extra early to workout!! I even shed my giant t-shirts and bought workout clothes!” Her favorite part of boot camp is the variety and “expecting the unexpected”. She appreciates the “encouragement” from the coaches, who push her harder than she thought she was capable of. From simply sitting comfortably on the floor, to running, to performing planks, she is loving discovering all of the new things her body is capable of accomplishing. She insists that boot camp is for everyone, and has enjoyed working out alongside both her mother and her teenage children. She says, “No one is looking at you…just get out there and move and you will be amazed by yourself!”

Since Tina’s mom Cathy has been such an inspiration to her, I also wanted to take a moment to recognize her accomplishments, too. At a recent doctor’s appointment, she learned her blood pressure dropped from 144/78 to 110/72, she has lost 21 pounds through boot camp exercise alone , her BMI has dropped 3 points , her glucose level has dropped over 40 points, and her cholesterol went from 183 to 145. She says, “Officially I am 60 this Month, Got my golden buckeye card….I am blessed….”

We feel blessed to have Tina and Cathy as part of our CCF community!

If you are interested in starting our Centerville CrossFit Bootcamps please contact Meghan at meghanphilpot77@yahoo.com


Friday WOD

Work up to a tough 1 in the push press


3 min row for calories

rest 1 min

3 min double unders

rest 1 min

3 min burpees

**can do these in any order depending on how many people are in the class


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