Breast Cancer Awareness

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Barbells for Boobs - Amazing Grace Fundraiser!

Barbells for Boobs… Save a Pair… Save a Life. Support Barbells for Boob's "Amazing Grace" fundraiser to benefit Mammograms in Action. The CrossFit community's first cause to benefit women and all the CrossFitters who love them. Do you LOVE boobs? Sign up and SAVE A PAIR.

Go to http://barbellsforboobs.com/ if you would like to sign up to donate.  Each donation of $35 or more will receive a free Barbells for Boobs T-shirt. 

Announcements: Come to Crossfit Troy at 6:30 for Matt's Paleo Seminar where there will be a sample paleo dinner ready for all of you attendees to try.  If you felt left out last time and were not able to make it or if you are new to our CrossFit gyms now is your chance, after all fitness is 70% of what you eat.


 Benchmark Wednesday


30 Ground to Overhead

Unmodified weights: Men 135 lbs.  Women 95 lbs.

Hip Mobility (Trainer's Choice) & Foam Roll

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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