Centerville Crossfit Weightlifting Meet

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Centerville Crossfit will be hosting an informal weightlifting meet next Saturday, February the 23rd. Registration and weigh-ins will begin at 7:30 AM and run til 8:45AM. Please be prepared at registration to report your opening lift attempt in pounds (in 1lb increments) for both the snatch and clean and jerk, as we will use bodyweight and attempt weight to compose the lifting order. Lifting will commence at 9:15AM sharp.


We will weigh in before hand so that we can crown an overall male/female champion after using weight adjustment formulae (sinclair coefficient), but there will not be individual weight classes.


The barbell is loaded in progression. The competitor taking the lowest weight is lifting first. We will plan on having a women’s platform and a mens platform going at the same time, alternating back and forth. Each athlete has 3 attempts in Snatch and 3 attempts in Clean and Jerk. After Snatch there is a 10 minute break before Clean and Jerk starts.


See page 7 and 8 of this document for a description of incorrect or incomplete lifts that will be red flagged. We also plan on filming a short video highlighting these points to make them clearer.


Please share with any friends who might be interested in participating.

Cost to participate: $10, due at registration. Please email Adam (arogers12@gmail.com) to reserve a spot!


Whole Life Challenge schedule change: there will be NO group workout this Saturday. If you’ve signed up for the challenge, check your email for details on the baseline workout and initial measurements.

Friday WOD

A: strict ring pull ups – amrap 30 sec, rest 1:30 x4


B: pronated grip negatives (5 sec down) 2-4 reps x4


AMRAP 10 minutes

15 power snatch (75/55)

30 DUs


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