Chalking UP

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Graham checks Meghan's hands for chalk… It really does make you stronger! 

Tuesday WOD

"The Bear"

5 Rounds

1 Round = 7 Bear Cycles

1 Bear Cycle = Power Clean, Front Squat, Thruster, Back Squat, Thruster.

Add Weight after each round.  No setting the bar down between cycles, only rounds.  Record Max weight.  If you have to drop the bar in the middle of a round your score is the weight of the last round you did straight through.  Record weight and your highest completed round. 

Hip & Ankle Mobility

Scale to capabilities



  1. Oh Snap! Bear cycles?! Becky I hope you are workin out today… I don’t think i’ll make it without you!

  2. Oh and by the way thanks for nothin Miss Strope! My stomach is churning already!

  3. Casey Strope says:

    Come on Eben you have to be a little bit excited to try this one! We haven’t done it since we were back at the old old place!

  4. Dear Eben,
    Sorry I won’t be there to work out with you today! I know you’ll beat the pants off this workout even though I’m not there. The advice about chalk is legit though…as I learned from the Jersey Shore kids – if it’s written down that makes it true!

  5. Actually Casey, I can’t wait to try it…again!I can smell the old gym just thinking about this WOD. And thanks for the vote of confidence Becky but i think the bear wil be wearing the pants after this one!

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