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SURPRISE! Look what I found in our cubbies! 

Now what you all have been waiting for….. Just for my birthday you get a special WOD. And don't worry I will be doing this with you guys! Its not very seasonal but I've been itching to do it for a while.

Mitch's Birthday Grinder 

"Twelve Days of CrossFit"

    * “on the first day of CrossFit my trainer gave to meeeeeee….”

          1: Clean ‘n’ Jerk (M 155 W 105)

          2: Muscle Ups (or 6 Pull Ups/6 Dips)

          3: Hand-stand Push Ups (Stink Bug/Jack knife)

          4: Deadlifts (M 155 W 105)

          5: Sit Ups

          6: Burpees

          7: Push Press (DB)

          8: Split Lunges (alternating)

          9: TTB/K2B

          10: KB Swings (Single Arm, 5 R/L)

          11: Wall Balls

          12: 1 Mile Run (but only 1 mile, you don't need to do 12)

So you might be saying to yourself, " That doesn't look to bad"… But you all know I wouldn't call it a grinder if it wasn't a grinder. So everyone think about the 12 days of Christmas song. If you need help here is a link. Shrek 12 days of Christmas.  So how this works. Start at 1 CJ. Then 2 MU(pullup dip) and 1 CJ. Then 3 HSPU, 2 MU, 1 CJ.  And so on till you hit your correct color. So if you are going mutant that means you run 1 mile then go back through the list.  Please be smart about this though. Pick your colors wisely. Just because you normally do red DOES NOT mean you must today. (I bet you never thought I'd say that) ENJOY!!!


  1. Yes, finally! this excited me very very mucho!

  2. ChrisGus says:

    Happy B-day Mitch!

  3. Eben Smith says:

    Happy Birthday Mitch!

  4. Yay! What a great bday WOD! Happy birthday Mitch!!! I’m definitely staying in Creek tonight to do this one!!! Now who’s going to drive me back to Troy after my body is scraped off the floor…. jk 🙂

  5. Happy birthday, Mithch! Gee, I really hate to miss this one, but I have dinner plans with the girls!

  6. James H. says:


  7. Why do I have to be tapering! Happy birthday Coach.

  8. love the picture

  9. Happy B’day–Mitch!
    Unfortunately, I won’t be in class to participate in this wonderful WOD…….
    No one stands in the way of my hair appt.

  10. im still sore from this workout. it was a beat down! but it was a good workout.

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