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We would like to give a big congratulations to the 22 members who have signed on for our “I Am CrossFit” challenge and attended tonight’s kickoff meeting. We can’t wait to see the transformations each athlete makes in terms of physical appearance and athletic performance over the next 8 weeks as they complete additional programming designed specifically for them by their team’s trainer. In addition to the physical component of the challenge, each will be following a strict Paleo diet for the next two months and will be receiving resources and guidance as they embark on what can be a tough transition.

Even if you are not participating in IACF, we encourage each of you to take a closer look at your diet. Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain mass, what you do in the gym can only do so much, and proper nutrition is key in reaching your potential. As you know by now, we advocate the Paleo diet for our clients, and for anyone wondering why (or if you are tired of trying to explain it to critical friends, family, and coworkers), the following link can be quite beneficial.

Remember, all of our trainers are available for guidance in regards to nutrition, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions! Also, be sure to join our “Centerville CrossFit Paleo” page on Facebook, which is full of support for those looking to make big changes in their diets!

Tuesday WOD

1 Min max rep Push Press

Rest 20 sec.

1 Min. max rep Dips

Rest 20 sec.

1 Min. max rep KB Swings

1 Min Rest

Then complete 2 Rounds of the same number of reps completed previously, in order!

Rest 3-5 minutes

Strict Press 3×10


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