Core Workouts…not Abs.. Very Big Difference

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Trevor takes a break from his K2E.  K2Es are another great core exercise. Core workouts do not only target the abdominal muscles.  Core work outs target a larger area and the abs are only are small part of these work outs.  Here is a very good link to an article talking about "midline stabilization" Stable= Strong I copied the rest of this blog from troy.  I think it would be good for all of you to see what a mason twist is. 

Mason twists 

Jen is busy doing her Mason twists to get that rock solid core just in time for swim suit season.  The Mason twist is a great core trainer because your lower abs are always engaged by holding your feet off the ground as well as the upper abs which have to hold the torso up.  And last but not least the twisting motion of this activity helps work the obliques.  So if you want to totally beat your core area down this is the exercise for you. 


25 Pull ups  (Start only)
20 Warrior Burpees
20 Med. Ball Cleans         Number of rounds  3 • 2  1
20 Med. Ball Sit ups

25 Pull ups (Finish only)

Cool Down
Med. Ball Mason twists  50 • 40  30

Dips    40 • 30  20

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities

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