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A family that prays together (and crossfits together) stays together.  Crossfit Troys post on Friday said it all when it used words like community, friends, family and the phrase "Never train alone". We have the same story here at Centerville Crossfit and it's a awesome thing to watch as we grow as a community. Also for those of you who participated in the paleo challenge turn your notebook into your group trainer for scoring and come into the gym this week to get your new measurements, bodyweight, and make sure you retest all of your pre challenge workouts/ 1 rep maxes.

Monday WOD

8 1-arm alternating DB Push Jerk (1+1=2, Keep a DB in each hand)

100m Object Carry

8 Strict Pull ups Upper bar slap

100m Object Carry

8 Back Squats MBW W3/4BW

6 • 5 • 4 rounds

Banded Situps 755025


Scale to capabilities


  1. Mitch–loved your dad’s post on the Troy blog. It’s so, so true. It’s great when you and your partner watch out for one another and make sure you have time to stay mentally and physically healthy. I went and ran on a rec center treadmill last week and kept thinking, “How could I do this for so many years and not go crazy?” Thanks for making me expect more, both from my gym and myself. Hopefully some day soon I can get my husband to come join us!

  2. Good blog about how to attack a workout like a SWAT operation

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