Crazy week!

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Mike gears up for the Affiliate Cup this weekend! Good luck to the team. Matt,Dave,Mike,Becky,Casey,and Kelly! 

This week will be a crazy week around the gym! We are in a transition period between gyms and our whole training staff troy and creek will be at the Regional Competition later in the week. So bare with us and keep your eyes on the blog. 

Announcement: No NOON class Monday May 3rd. 

Bad Behavior – Inspired by Seth Godins Blog

Bad behavior and irrational decisions are almost always caused by fear. If you want to change the behavior, address the fear. Bad behavior and irrational decisions are almost always caused by fear. If you want to change the behavior, address the fear.

And yet we don't. 

Reflection by Mike Lyons

The fruit of training CrossFit is so much more than just physical fitness. I've learned that so much of what has and does cause me to behave badly (by what I do or say) is always rooted in my fear(s). We all have them. But for some fear can control us, and/or cause untold pain, frustration and disappointment in ourselves, others, life.

CrossFit for me (Mike) personally has empowered me to overcome my fear of physical pain. As I look back in my life I've avoided things that involved high levels of physical discomfort. So in sports for instance, I've gravitated to sports like football, gymnastics, baseball. I avoided sports like wrestling and distance running. Because of fear. Of which I've always regretted.

The hard thing is we are often not aware of (or choose to deny) the fear(s) that drive us. Fear of failure, being laughed at, being alone, being average, being fat, being less than perfect fear, not pleasing others or someone, it goes on and on. We do bad things because of these fears. 

Know your fear. Face your fear. Overcome your fear.

If I can overcome my fear of pain. I can overcome any fear.What's your fear? 


Progressive Wave.  Sheets are in so if you wrote both your deadlift and strict press max on the sign up paper you will have one or

Inch worm (just down)
10 Pull ups C2B
Wide Lunges

Down and Back x2

Monday WOD

Deadlift 30 • 25 • 20
All out sprint 100m
Hang Power Clean 25 • 20 • 50
Sprint 100m
Front Squats 20 • 15 • 10 
Sprint 100m  
Push Jerk 15 • 10 •  
Sprint 100m 
M 75%BW W 65%BW

Kettlebell flip choppers 50 • 40 • 30

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. I fear there being no noon class. That and Carneys.

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