Creek Visit

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CrossFit Creek will be CLOSED today due to the weather conditions.  Drive safe and we will see you soon.

 One of CrossFit Troy's trainer's, Matt Melvin, spent a little time last week visiting our Location for the first time and came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a "get out of your WOD easy card" (unless you use traditional mainstream training methods).


Benchmark Wednesday


Row         1000m 750m 500m 
Thrusters   50      35      25

Pull-ups      21      21     15

One time through 

Men use 45lb bar /Women use 30lb bar. 

Cool Down
Heavy Wall Ball 40 30 20 (go up one size from your usual)

Advanced Intermediate Foundational
Scale to capabilities


  1. James Humphrey, Jr. says:

    Live to train another day, right? It was really nice seeing Matt at Creek; let’s see more visitors! I miss you guys. : )

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