Crossfit Endurance

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Matt has shown huge improvements since he started training with CFC.  But anyone who knows Matt knows he doesn't like to just do what everyone else does.  To put it plainly, He's crazy.  Matt has been doing Crossfit Endurance for a while and it shows in the longer WODs. So just for him, very soon we are going to start up a Crossfit Endurance Club. AND YOU ALL ARE INVITED!  So keep your ears open for details if you are interested in Crossfit Endurance!

"Tabata This"

Lunges (one leg = 1 rep) Paratroopers (Jumping lunges, knee touches ground)

Power Cleans (65/95) (75/115)

Donkee Kicks

20 seconds active, 10 seconds rest

6 • 4 rounds each

Record total of lowest rep set for each element

Cool Down

Windshield wipers (Bar bench press position) 25 1510

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Nice form on the wall balls Matt.

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