Crossfit Fashion Fail #2

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So we had Phil on here the other week with his snazzy socks and shoes outfit getting ready for his workout…This is what we caught Jay wearing this when he was leaving the gym. Comments anyone??

Tuesday WOD

Deadlifts BW

Back Squats BW

Broad Jumps (every foot = 10 lbs, use a stall mat for measuring they are 4'x6')

AMRepsAP in… 8 min. 

Take your total number of reps for each and multiply that number by the weight on the bar.  Your score is the total pounds you moved for the whole workout.  Do as many of each as you want to.  Same bar for DL and BS

 mWOD / CD

Hip Mobility

Competitor Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Jay’s ensemble…it’s different 🙂

  2. James Bond meets CrossFit

  3. In accordance to Megan’s Law, Jay has to stay 100 yards away from children when he wears that coat.

  4. Haha…Doug, I was just getting ready to post that his picture is hanging in the teachers’ lounge and we are to call the police if we see him near the playground.

  5. I think he looks sharp!

  6. Let put 20 seconds on the clock and see what we can come up with on this photo?
    this photo was taken before our friend Jay ran out on the field naked and since is in jail.
    This is one guy who I would not want to pick pocket
    Just getting off work as a chip and dale and yes those are stripper shoes
    why even carry around pants you know you are not going to wear them

  7. Let’s just be happy the coat is closed. Do we really know what he is wearing under there?

  8. Rhonda – you’re assuming that he’s wearing something under that coat!

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