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Congratulations to Becky, Heather, and Kelli for getting Crossfit Kids Certified!! We await your arrival back in lovely Ohio to hear all about it and get you guys started with CFK classes!!

On a side note, On Ramp starts tonight and there are only 2 spots left!!! Please email Mitch Lyons ASAP to save your spot NOW!!!!

Monday WOD

Back Squat 5 – 5 – 5.  Only count weight when it get's heavy.  15 min. time limit.


5 Weighted Push ups

7 Weigted K2E

9 Weighted Box Jumps

AMRAP in.. 17 15 13  min.

Partial Competitor credit will be given for 1 or more elements done weighted, if you can't do any of them weighted then take the next step up.  Ex. if you do box K2E try to go up on the bar.  If you do knee push ups try to go to your toes and really work em.'

Roll out Triceps, & biceps

Hip Mobility

Competitor Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Congrats ladies! Can’t wait for the kids classes to start!

  2. Congrats Ladies! I can’t wait to introduce my kids to the world of Crossfit. I so wish I could’ve been involved when I was young.

  3. Don’t we all Meghan! Besides it’s never too late! I’m just glad i will be able to drop Ebene off with our new baby sitter and go home and take a nap myself. Just kidding… congrats to you Becky!

  4. Eben-I heard Crossfit Kids sessions are 4 hours each! Is this the same info you received?

  5. yeah that’s going to be a lot of catchin up on sleep!

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