CrossFit Mom Admits Defeat

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Pam defeat
Lyons, mother of Professional MMA fighter Mitch Lyons, walked out of
last nights Demolition MMA event shaking her head in defeat. Just one
more reminder that her efforts, like any good mother, to teach her
middle child to be gentle, loving and kind had failed…at least when
he enters the cage that is.


Lyons' brutal and complete domination victory over his opponent Ben
Pettit last night, let the MMA world know there is a new up and comer
to keep their eye on. Within the first round Mitch wasted no time in
making his first MMA payday quick but not painless for his challenger.
With crushing elbow blows to the head and total ground dominance, Mitch
Lyons walked out unscathed leaving Pettit helpless and in need of a mat
clean up loads of stitches.

Did he even get tired? CrossFit trained Mitch Lyons' answer was, "No."


  1. Adam Rogers says:

    Awesome fight Mitch, congratulations on the win. We’re looking forward to the next one, hopefully just as quick with the same result!

  2. James Humphrey, Jr. says:

    Nice win, Mitch. You were smooth and efficient with controlling ground work and exploiting the openings given by your opponent. Nice, quick work, and I had a great time watching you at your profession.

  3. Congrats Mitch, Hated to miss it. I’ll be at the next ass kicking.

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