Deck Squats

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Deck Squats Check them out…. 

Friday WOD

Weighted 400m run (20 lb over head)

20 Lunges (m 75 lb  w 55 lb) 1 leg 1 rep

20 Deck Squats (m 53 lb Kettlebell w 35 lb Kettlebell)

20 Weighted Sit-ups (m 35 lb w 25 lb )

5 4 3 Rounds

Mutant – AdvancedIntermediateFoundational 


  1. Is listening to Linkin Park an imperative part of the deck squat movement, or is the motion possible without the soothing sound of a 25 year old screaming about his girlfriend?

  2. Can you say, Crossfit Rape for time?

  3. o…m…g…

  4. Ya, – I’ve seen this one… At the end of, if we’re good, we get parole… Just don’t be that guy that drops the soap.

  5. the songs called “Hit The Floor”

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