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One of the greatest aspects of CrossFit training is the opportunity to continuously set and achieve new goals. As with most things in life, just following the routine typically doesn’t get you to that next level; instead, you have to commit to extra work, accept and apply constructive criticism, and “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

We want to take the opportunity to highlight two clients who have gone above and beyond with their training. In addition to regular CrossFit workouts, each followed carefully designed programs constructed by our trainers, and the results speak for themselves.

Doug H has been working with Casey for the past two months. During that time he set new PRs on his deadlift (360, +60#), back squat (290, +45#), and bench (185, +40#). Body composition wise he has put 2″ on his chest and almost 1″ on his arms while maintaining his body fat percentage. Casey says, “Besides the strength increases, he has also gotten so much mentally tougher and much more confident in himself. I am beyond proud of him; he never complains about what I have him do and has diligently worked on his weaknesses.”

Casey is currently offering individual programming (powerlifiting or olympic lifting centered, depending on the individual). The package includes: weakness and mobility assesment, 3x a week lifiting, coaching dependant on the individual (it can be every session), recovery work, and help with eating for recovery. Contact her at caseystrope@gmail.com for more information!

Doug W worked with Becky, who designed a program to focus on his weaknesses based on an extensive assessment and his personal goals. For example, his front squat 1RM was low (% wise) compared to his back squat, signifying a target area for training focus. His deadlift and back squat were the right ratio, so those were left alone.  He also wanted to be a beast at pull ups and do well at the FGB fundraiser. After 3 months of working w/Becky, here are the results:

Front squat 185—>240

Back squat 275—>275

(despite never doing a single back squat the entire time)
Weighted chin up 60—>75

AMRAP C2B pull ups 5—>13

2K row 8:10—>7:19

“Fran” 9:01—>7:10

He also won the FGB fundraiser from our gym!

Becky wants to stress, “Doug’s hard work and dedication is what made this happen. I write the program, but he came consistently 4-5 days/week and took it seriously. I’m really proud of hiim!” Whether you are a new member or want to be a Games’ contender, Becky can help you meet her goals. You can still do Crossfit, but with specific training goals in mind. Since it’s coming up on The Open for the Games, this would be GREAT for anyone who is considering competing. And even if it’s more of a long term goal, this year is a good time to start planning for NEXT year. Contact Becky for more information rebecca.balik@gmail.com

Thanks to Doug H and Doug W for inspiring us, and to Casey and Becky for going the extra mile for our clients.

Wednesday “DT”

12 deadlift (155#/105#)

9 hang power clean

6 push jerk

(5 rounds)

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